The sisterhood of the Zeta Alpha chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha is something unique and special. No matter the extent of the sisterhood events held, our sisterhood is what brings us together. These events allow our sisters to connect with one another and build bonds that will truly last forever. Zeta Alpha chapter has been striving to build our sisterhood even more and get input about what we could improve on from the whole chapter. So far, we have incorporated more weekly sisterhood events into our calendar. More sisters have had the opportunity to come to these events because they are held so often. The Sisterhood Committee has many exciting events, such as spa and movie nights. Aside from smaller sisterhood events, the Sisterhood Committee plans large sisterhood events as well. As the years go on, our sisterhood is something that will continue to improve. Here is a quote that sums things up for our chapter:
“Our sisterhood is not a destination, but a journey.”

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