There are many diverse events on campus at the University of Evansville, and the Zeta Alpha chapter tries their hardest to participate in every one of them. (We do pretty well in them, too!)

At UE, it seems like every one is athletic, so intramural sports are huge! This of course means Zeta has a team representing us proudly in as many IM sports as possible. If a member wants to do it, we’ll make it happen. The sports we have participated in include soccer, football, volleyball, basketball, badminton and floor hockey. Not only do our members get a great workout, but it increases our sisterhood as well!

It isn’t all sports, though. Our involvement around campus also includes participating in the philanthropic events of other organizations. Many other organizations on campus put on pageants, dance competitions, fitness challenges, lip-syncing wars, trivia games, and so much more. The ladies of ZTA sing, strut, disco, and work to raise money to support almost all of the causes on campus.


In years past, Zeta Alpha has won SigEp-a-Go-Go (a dance competition), Greek Week, and Bike Race. However, winning isn’t our main goal. It is much more important to support our campus and HAVE FUN!

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